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My name is Malu, I am a qualified singer and singing teacher (graduate of UNIRIO) and have worked for over two decades in Brazil and Europe, as a teacher of singing, vocal technique, assistance in choral work,  and in the music industry in general, working with jazz, classical, samba, bossa artists - and even animated movies...

After the experience of pregnancy, giving birth to my son, and a relocation to Europe, I became profoundly interested in the world of birth and the profession surrounding it - babies, mothers and families. And so to promote this interest, I ended up studying and working for 12 years in Denmark. I studied further for a degree in 'Fredoft's Technique' at 'Skolen for Holistisk Afspænding', Copenhagen, and also trained as a doula and childbirth educator. I was privileged to be trained as a Doula by the eminent French obstetrician Michel Odent.

In Denmark, I worked as a Doula both in hospital and home births. I also assisted midwives at the private birth centre 'Klinik Maia', Copenhagen.

I also took part in numerous courses, workshops, and discussion groups with eminent birth professionals such as: Ina May Gaskin (USA), Michel Odent (FRA), Naoli Vinaver (MEX), Debra Bonaro-Pascalli (USA), Suzanne Colson(UK), Marina Alzugaray(USA), Dorthe Madsen (DK), Marta Orbis (ESP), Cornelia Enning (GER), Cassy McNamara (Scotland-UK)

Parallel to this work, I realized that there existed a natural convergence between the two worlds of music and the birth. I arrived at a profound understanding of how the voice and singing can be a strong ally in the time of the creation of a new life. And thus developed the 'Mama Kuimba Project' - a singing workshop for pregnancy and new mothers.

This led me to teach this message in various perinatal care centers in Denmark, as well as at the 'Midwifery Today Conference', presented for professionals from all over the world.

During the years that I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark I was fortunate to work alongside top professionals in maternal and child care, who believe that a good model of birth is one that understands childbirth as a physiological phenomenon, which remains always updated and based on scientific evidence and recommendations of WHO. The woman should be the absolute center of this process - respecting, nurturing and crediting her unique ability to gestate, give birth and raise her children.

On returning to Brazil I continued to work and promote this message. I was invited to be one of the members of Núcleo Carioca de Doulas, and coordinated the 'Ishtar-Rio-space for pregnant women' in Niterói with other Doula's and Midwive's. I also organised a pre and post parto preparation course for young mothers in Mare - a favela in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2019, I came to live in Liverpool, UK, where I am curently  promoting the benefits of singing in pregnancy and beyond with my Mama Kuimba project.

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